Boarding Options 

Rancho Cerro offers a variety of boarding options.  All horses are fed three times daily.  All stalls and paddocks are cleaned daily.  Hot water accessible at the wash rack,  there are 2 turn outs which are a 1/4 acre in size.

Stall Board


12 x 12 stall with 12 x 14 paddock

Fully bedded with shavings

cleaned daily

automatic waterers, personal light switches and wall sockets

$525 monthly

Feeding 3X daily

Cleaned daily



24 x 64 pipe paddock with 12 x 12 run-in shelter

cleaned daily 

automatic water

bedding optional 

$425 monthly

Feeding 3X daily

Cleaned daily

Trailer Storage


While boarding your horse and there is room available, you can store one horse trailer on site.

Cerro Vista Ranch and Stable. Hours of service are from 6am to 10pm

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